was established in the Spring of 2007 to showcase images I've captured over the last 13+ years of pursuing an interest in digital photography.

I started shooting in 2001 while attending college in my native Massachusetts. Before that time I never really took an interest in photography until purchasing my first digital camera; a Fuji Finepix 2600. Over the years I have taught myself through reading books, looking at other successful photographer's work, and of course shooting a massive amount of images. The rush of being able to capture small frames of this world quickly evolved into a tremendous passion. In 2009 I purchased my first Digital SLR camera along with some high quality lenses. For me, it was a big investment, but one that has provided some really great adventures. The new possibilities of higher image quality and the power of raw photo processing have advanced my passion for this hobby an incredible amount. Along with my Canon Rebel T3i, I use Adobe Lightroom to manage and edit the images in these galleries.

I have dedicated a lot of time over the past decade traveling around the United States and Eastern Canada looking for new spots to shoot and challenge my constantly evolving skill set. I usually try to take 2 big dedicated photo trips each summer. There are always a lot of other days trips or multi-day excursions to see new places and collect more memories. Although I have been fortunate to capture many parts of America, hopefully I will be able to shoot all over the world before I fire my last shutter.

My current gear list: Canon T3i DSLR, Canon 24-105mm, Canon 70-200mm, Sigma 10-20mm, Canon 50mm

Previous cameras: Fuji Finepix 2600, Canon S230, Nikon P100, Canon G3, Canon S3, Canon S5, Canon Rebel 450d

I currently work for a television station in the Boston area that deals with live event sports production. I grew up about 20 minutes North of the great city of Boston. Outside of work and the interest in photography, I operate I have released 4 collections of poetry; Altered Vizion (2002), Independent (2006), Today Then Tomorrow (2010), and Outside the Complex (2015).